1. Expo at Food For Your Senses Festival FOOD FOR YOUR SENSES FFYS is Luxembourg’s finest alternative music festival which takes place every year in Luxembourg, Tuntange. More in ART.


1. Poster (detail) /// 2. Flyer /// 3. Flyer /// 4. Sticker ROCKHAL – SONIC VISIONS   25 & 26 NOV 2011 Anne Mélan for Rockhal! The campaign for the annual event Sonic Visions exists on different communication supports like Posters, Billboards, Flyers, Magazines and the web. More on ADVERTISING.          


Le Cercle Artistique de Luxembourg annonce le vernissage du Salon 2011 qui aura lieu le 11 novembre 2011 à 18h00 au CarréRotondes – 1, rue de l’Aciérie – Luxembourg-Hollerich Exposition du 12 novembre au 4 décembre 2011 Ouverture : tous les jours de 14h00 à 19h00 Visites guidées : les jeudis à 18h30 et les … Continue reading


POP UP GALLERY, COLLECTIVE EXPO in an old and redevelopped mine in Differdange, Luxembourg. In this mine called “A GRÔVEN” the fallowing artists and live acts show their works during one day of vernissage  on 29th May 2011 . Artists: Sascha DiGiambattista, Marina Herber, Davey Koppers, Andrea Militello, Diego Militello, Anne Mélan, Sara Pica, Misch Quintus, … Continue reading


  1. Exposants /// 2. Expo “Expressive” (Photos by Creatiff) Collective expo “EXPRESSIVE” organised by Marina Herber @ KULTURHAUS NIEDERANVEN, 2011 Exposition showing artsitic works of Philippe Funk, Marina Herber, Anne Mélan, Aïda Schweitzer and Désirée Wickler from 25.05.-15.06.2011 @ Kulturhaus Niederanven. More in ART.          

Anne Mélan for Rockhal

1. Poster (detail) /// 2. Flyer /// 3. Billboard ROCKHAL – SONIC VISIONS   25-27 NOV 2010 See the latest artwork of Anne Mélan for Rockhal and their annual event Sonic Visions.  The campaign exists on different communication supports like Posters, Billboards, Flyers, Magazines and the web. Have a look at the billboards in Rockhal and Luxembourg-Hollerich. “Rockhal presents the 3rd edition of … Continue reading


  1. Artwork /// 2. Expo Rekult Vol3 /// 3. Derivative /// 4. Behind the scene Expo “REKULT VOL3” by IUEOA, 2010 This week-end, 01 + 02+ 03 October 2010, will be the last chance to visit the exposition Rekult Vol 3 organised by IUEOA. The expo shows the works of 28 artists who concentrated on … Continue reading


Konscht am Gronn, once a month, a lot of artists presenting and selling their works, the most beautiful and historic part of Luxembourg City, sunshine and cosy atmosphere. If you missed it on 1st August you can drop by on 5th Septembre. More in ART.          

Anne Mélan@Artgentik*

This thursday 1st July 2010 at Artgentik! Be part of a slideshow showing pictures of artists representing their view of Luxembourg! Have a look at my view of Lux-City, my hometown, which I consider as a Coulisse of Fairytale! More in ART.          


Open doors at Schläifmillen on 26 + 27 june 2010, drop by and enjoy a wonderful  day surrounded by a lot of artists and their art, food, drink, music and a beautiful location. The artists of Schläifmillen have their doors open on saturday and sunday between 3pm an 10 pm. More in ART.         … Continue reading

ANNE MELAN: artist / designer

Anne Mélan is an artist-designer from tiny Luxembourg. Curious and versatile she likes to explore different approaches. Find more ABOUT her. See her ADVERTISING and ART.